3 Best ways to light up your wedding with Wedding Sparklers

Are you planning your wedding? If so here are some exciting ways to use wedding sparklers on your wedding. With some little planning you can easily convert your wedding into a magical moment with glowing lights of wedding sparklers.

Wedding Sparkler send off


Wedding sparkler send-off is one of the most common ways to use wedding sparklers. It will make a really exciting night when you use wedding sparklers for your send off. Simply arrange your guests to line up at the end of your wedding party and give them enough sparklers. They will cheer you with wedding sparklers making the most exciting moment of the wedding. Be sure to ask your wedding photographer to take plenty of cheerful captures!

Use wedding sparklers on your Wedding Cake

Create a round of wedding sparklers around your cake. When you cut the cake, these wedding sparklers will create cheerful and glowing moment making it so festive.

Use wedding sparklers On the Dance Floor

3 Best ways to light up your wedding with Wedding Sparklers

Pass wedding sparklers to your guests before the first dance. Arrange them to cheer with wedding sparklers and the DJ can easily give the announcement. You can also use different shapes of wedding sparklers to make your wedding dance floor look festive and romantic.

We also like to recommend you to check http://theweddingsparkler.com/ to find different designs of wedding sparklers.Be creative and light up your wedding with Wedding Sparklers!

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