Add A Rug To Your Décor – Enjoy The Warm Aesthetics

A rug can tell a story of old civilizations. It is a choice for the well-traveled – who can weave stories as intricate as the patterns on the rug. A rug can also symbolize the design aesthetics that you prefer – are you a minimalist, or do you like the complexities of geometric design?

In a modern home environment, the plush, expensive rug still holds an important place. It can be the centerpiece or it can be the added attraction that accentuates your entire home décor. Let us explore the various types of rugs and ways in which you can place them at home.

Add A Rug To Your Décor

Filling in the space

A rug is cozy. It is ideal for living spaces and its presence welcomes people. In the olden days, rugs and carpets gave soothing respite to tired feet and sore backs. Today, even though they are largely ornamental this message stays on. So if you have a large room to decorate, balance the open space and cool tones with the warm colors of a rug.

Traditional motifs are appreciated by all and make great conversation starters. Juxtapose the uber-modern furniture with the soft edges of a circular rug. sources its rugs from all corners of the earth. You can browse through their collection of exotic designs and contemporary pieces, sorted according to the collection and sizes.

You can also throw in some nomad vibes into your home. Fill up an idle corner with a rug, complete with an accompanying bookshelf, comforter pillows, and a record player. This will become everyone’s favorite spot in no time.

Add A Rug To Your Décor

Wall Art

You can add a rug to your vertical space to compliment your existing posters and paintings. It can also be used to fill in a large blank wall. Wall rugs can also hide spots you’d prefer people do not see (cracks, strains) but avoid using them to cover any moisture-related issue – that would spell disaster for your special woven item. Make sure you don’t damage the rug when you are hanging it.

Use customized décor solutions

The best part about choosing a reputed rug dealer is the ability to get customized rugs. Do you have an odd oblong space in the hallway that does not fit any normal description? Get a rug made according to the dimensions and create an attractive space out of the blue.

Add A Rug To Your Décor

Basic rug rules

If you love your classic upholstery, then keep the rugs a shade sober and avoid color clashes. Either choose the route of contrast or stick to a defined theme.

Rug care is another essential part of the experience. You do not want your new rug to gather dust and provide habitat for parasites and tiny insects. Follow specific rug cleaning methods, which may include sun drying. If you have pets in the house you will need to take extra care.

The rug zone should ideally be shoe-free. That also promotes a healthy lifestyle as you do not want to handle something that is trampled over by dirt and pollutants from outside.

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