Cool Fanz- Keep Your Cool When the Heat is on!

Just imagine how if you can cool down on a hot day with a nice breeze! This really sounds nice when considering sweating and heating experience during you travel or away from home. With Cool Fanz now you can keep your cool when the heat is on!

Cool Fanz is an innovative Micro USB MINI Portable Cell Phone Fan. It also received 2015 Innovation Award for best new cell phone accessory. Once you own your Cool Fanz, you will never leave it behind simply because of its features and user friendly way to stay relax in a hot day.

Cool Fanz- Keep your cool when the heat is on!

Features of Cool Fanz

Here are the features of this really cool cell phone accessory.

  • Cool Fanz is compatible with any iPhone 5, 6 or Android, Smart phone including Notebook and ipad
  • When the fan is working, you can still use the phone for calls, sms or checking emails.
  • Cool Fanz is Energy Efficient
  • Motor revolutions 16000 turn and can work continuously more than 96 hours
  • It is portable and Easy to carry with you
  • It comes in really cute jelly bean colors.

Become an independent seller of Cool Fanz.

You can join the team of Cool Fanz and become an individual seller. This innovative product is great to start or expand your business. Other than becoming an independent seller of cool fanz, you can also use this product for fundraising projects.

When you buy Cool Fanz, you also join with a good cause. A portion of Cool Fanz profit goes to Susan B Komen Clinic to support women who need assistance to pay for treatments.

Visit and check more details on how order quantities more than 50 and how to become an independent seller!

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