Easy Tips to Prevent Water Damage

Water damages are unexpected. But, it can happen anytime anywhere. If it is due to natural disaster like heavy rain or natural flood, it is difficult to avoid. However, most of the water damages are due to the pipe leakage, breakdown of water pipes and improper usage of pipes. That’s why; in this post we listed some easy tips to prevent water damage.

Clean your roof gutters

Tips to Prevent Water Damage

Roof gutters are the place to collect debris, leaves, sticks and lot of unwanted things. If you do not maintain the roof gutters properly, then it won’t do the job. If the roof gutters are blocked then in a heavy rain day, you may experience water damage. This is due to the clogged roof gutter and it sends water spilling into your home or basement. If you cannot climb safely to reach the gutters, simply hire a company to do this task for you

Don’t pour grease down your sink

Tips to Prevent Water Damage

This is one of the important tips to remember when you want to take measures of preventing water damage. Don’t put greasy or oily things to kitchen sink. Even if you flush it using hot water, still grease can cling with the kitchen pipes and cause blockage.

Use a drain snake

Simply visit your local hardware store and buy a drain snake. This is a very inexpensive item. Use that to clean the pipes. By doing so, you can easily remove the stuffs that cling in to the water pipes without damaging the pipes. On the other way, that will reduce the probability of future blockage of pipes and thus water leakages and damages.

Always keep an eye on your water bill

You don’t know where your water pipes are because some pipes are hidden behind the walls. A small simple water leak can be big water damage if you do not treat it properly at the beginning. That is why keeping eye on water bill is a good idea. If you notice a sudden rise of the bill for no reason, it might be a sign of water leak somewhere.

If you experience any water damage, don’t wait till it gets worst. Call a company who does water damage restoration and clean up services. They will take care of the water damage. For water damage Lincoln Park Michigan, you can simply contact the professional team at downriverrestoration.com

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  1. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that clogged gutters can cause water damage in your basement. My basement had some flooding problems in a recent rainstorm, and I think it was because the gutters were overflowing. I’ll definitely have a professional come and repair the water damage, and I’ll be sure to keep those clear so this doesn’t happen again in the future. Thanks for the great post!

  2. Water damage can cause alot of problems and it is necessary to take a right decision.We didn’t want to risk doing anything wrong and hired a water removal service. It at least made a terribly difficult situation a little easier.

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