A Few Emotional Stages of Starting to Date Someone New

Dating someone new is full of emotions for any person. There are mixed feelings as one delves into a reunion they don’t know much about. Hope gives strength to people as they work towards making it a success. Before you get comfortable with your partner, you will have to deal with emotions in different stages as outlined below:

Emotional Stages of Starting to Date Someone New

The Infatuation Stage

It all starts with the infatuation stage when you feel most attracted to your new lover. At this moment, it is hard to know whether this is true love. Both of you are uncertain whether it will work out, though the attraction is too much. The infatuation stage is full of emotions since you can never get someone out of your mind. For movie lovers, we can compare this to a comic book character with hearts popping out of their eyes.

Getting Nervous

Nervousness cuts through a new relationship. Whether you have met on one of the dating platforms given by the Ero Date website or in a social event, you will feel nervous when attending your first couple of dates. According to relationship psychologists, every person will go through this no matter how confident they think they are. After all, it is not a bad stage, but rather a norm. Sometimes it is important to control this emotion or reduce it to the lowest levels possible, especially for those who look obviously tense.

Emotional Stages of Starting to Date Someone New

Getting Obsessed

This is the stage where you cannot go for a day without seeing the other person or chatting with them for those in a long distance relationships. It can be mild or intense depending on various factors like things that you do together. The obsession will probably start when the first dates have been successful and you are confident that it will work. Obsession can make you travel a long distance just to be with your partner. It is also at this stage that one gets to buy their love numerous gifts and ask them out more often for special treatment.

Excitement Stage

It is good to feel excited about a relationship. In fact, any relationship should bring joy. Unfortunately, the other emotional stages make it hard for someone to realize that they are excited. As you get used to this new relationship and feel that so far things have been successful, a feeling of excitement comes in. In this stage you can even look for creative date night ideas in order to keep excitement going on! People feel like kings and queens of their relationship and cherish every moment with a huge smile.


Settling Down

At last, settling down and overcoming all of the emotions will come in. According to most people, this is the stage where people can take control of their relationship. They can make decisions that are not dictated by emotions and communicate clearly to their partner.

Those who have reached this stage can consider it an accomplishment. If there are challenges at any of these stages, both partners can sit down and discuss how to overcome them with ease. It is not good to let emotions overcome you no matter what.

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