How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring

Well, now it is time to buy an engagement ring, because you already found the perfect match for your life. Buying an engagement ring is an overwhelming task however; you need to spend some time before you actually purchase it. Even this can be your first ever experience on buying jewelry, so spend some time to research new designs and styles, find her taste and show her your love with the best possible engagement ring!


To ease your task on finding an engagement ring, here are some tips which will help you in searching a quality and unique engagement and wedding rings.I also shared images of some unique wedding bands and rings together with his and her matching wedding bands to inspire you about your wedding day!

How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring?

Establish Your Budget

Before anything, establish a budget for your engagement ring. In this way you can easily shortlist unique engagement rings and then it is easy to select the perfect one.

Find Out Her Ring Size

Buying the engagement ring with perfect size is really important. Although you found the beautiful design, if you cannot find it with right size for your girlfriend’s finger, then it is not that good. Although you can exchange the ring with your jewelry shop if it doesn’t fit, it is best to buy the perfect engagement ring with correct size. For this you can find out her ring size spending some time before you actually buy.


If you can find a ring of her that she doesn’t wear, that would be perfect to find the correct size. You can get help of her friends or family members to find the correct size. If you can’t find the perfect size in the jewelry shop for the picked design, you can request for custom engagement rings which made for your given sizes.

Make It a Surprise

Although you can easily buy your engagement ring by visiting the jewelry shop with your girlfriend, it is best if you can make it a surprise. You can show her how romantic and thoughtful you are with a surprise! Also you can buy his and her matching wedding bands to keep your everlasting love.

Hope these tips are helpful for you to find unique engagement rings. For this post I used some unique engagement rings ideas from Vidar Jewelry. By visiting ,you can easily check some more design ideas. They also have his and her matching wedding bands featuring beautiful designs.


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  1. I find myself practically engaged, and yet I have no idea what kind of ring I want! Help! I’m so glad to have found this article on how to buy the perfect engagement ring. It’s good to know that you can buy his and her matching wedding bands. Will any store help you figure out the right ring size?

  2. I agree, buying the ring with the perfect size if definitely important. I’ve been trying to help my little brother purpose to his girlfriend, but he doesn’t even know her ring size. I’ll have to ask her what size ring she is, for my little brother.

  3. I like the idea of a surprise. I feel like it makes the moment much more special, since the girl doesn’t have to act surprised. If the two of you pick out the ring, she is going to know it is coming sooner rather than later.

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