How to Go One Step Better Than a Card for a Friend’s Birthday

When birthdays roll around, the customary thing to do is to head out to buy a nice card, perhaps something thoughtful or funny depending on your relationship with one another.

But if you are good friends, you may want to send something a little bit extra special this year, to really let them know that you’re thinking of them and that you appreciate them.

We thought we’d put together a few ideas for you of ways that you can go that one step further with your birthday wishes!

Send a Flowercard

Better Than a Card for a Friend's Birthday

Still technically a card, but also so much more, a Flowercard is essentially exactly what it sounds like. Your recipient will still receive a card, but they are filled with an arrangement of beautiful flowers. This is a really unique way of sending flowers and is sure to brighten anyone’s day on their birthday.

Flowercard also do a special range of birthday gifts and cards that include this fun cake shaped arrangement.

Buy them a flower subscription

Better Than a Card for a Friend's Birthday

If you really want to wow them with flowers, go one step further and buy them a three month flower subscription. Fresh flowers arriving on your doorstep every month is a great way to put a smile on anybody’s face, and they’ll think about how much you appreciate them with each delivery, even once their actual birthday has been forgotten.

Get a small but thoughtful gift

Sending something small but personal that lets them know you’re thinking of them will always be well received and if you opt for something practical like a watch or even some luxury coffee you can be sure that it’ll be useful.

Or why not go the other way, and pick up something a little bit tongue in cheek if you typically tend to have a laugh together? Play on an in-joke and get them something that you know will make them laugh. Zazzle and Redbubble both have a great range of funny or irreverent gifts if you’re in need of inspiration!

If you’ve absolutely no idea what you get or your friend is just really difficult to buy for, The Present Finder has a section for just this situation. Their section for people who are stuck for ideas has a varied selection of unique small gifts. Even if you can’t find anything on the list that’s quite perfect, it’s sure to give you that spark of inspiration.

When in doubt, chocolates are the answer

Better Than a Card for a Friend's Birthday

If you are truly stuck for ideas or just super short on time, then you usually can’t go far wrong with a nice box of chocolates. Of course, it’s generally a good idea to sneakily find out whether they’re the sort of person who simply doesn’t have a sweet tooth before you do so, but if you’re friends you’ll no doubt already know this!

Chocolates are great because most people love the excuse to indulge a little on a special occasion and for those friends who already seem to have everything they need, an edible gift is usually always welcome.

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