How To Grow Your Blog Quickly

The main idea behind building a website or starting a blog is to get visibility and eventually loyal following online.  If correctly done, your blog can attract not only loyal visitors and customers but also brand advocates as well. Getting more and more people to come to your blog every day is one of the challenges many people try hard to succeed. Outlined below are a few tips on how you can grow an online community by just publishing content on your blog.

How To Grow Your Blog Quickly

Publish Content, Lots of it

Bloggers need to be savvy to get accurate and engaging content for their audience. How you craft your content, and its ‘richness’ is what will make or break your blog. When you publish lots of great content on the blog, more people will want to read and even share it with their peers. Great and informative content keeps audiences engaged, which plays a huge role in the blog’s popularity as well.

Use External Content Promotion Tools

Although publishing great content may be paramount, it is your responsibility to ensure the content serves its purpose. This can only be achieved by promoting your content externally using tools and widgets available online. With plenty of content promotion tools online, you should be able to get this going in no time. Tools such as the social media come in handy particularly in content promotion; be sure to use them.

Allow Visitors to Share Your Content

It would be wise to include user engagement buttons such as tweet, like, or even share content in your blog posts.  These make it a lot easier for users to share content they find useful to their social networking profiles and platforms. Many bloggers and content marketers out there use this feature to help improve visibility and grow their brands online; you too should consider using them.

Include Call to Action

Although some visitors will share the content instinctively, there are those that need to be reminded to do so. This is the reason you should consider adding a call to action feature to your blog to help them remember just that. Features such as customized greetings, or prompts in between content can contribute to increasing online exposure. You could ask your audience to share the piece they read to their friends via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or even Instagram.

Offer Giveaways

In addition to calls to action and content sharing, you can include contests and running raffles to your blog to make it more exciting. Raffles and contests are often viewed as a way to give back to the community, which many people will be more than willing to participate. You however should use an easy barrier entry, such as ask the audience to tweet or share content from your site to participate.

Share Content on Social Networks

The social community could be your breakthrough to more audiences now and in the future. Just because you are a blogger doesn’t mean you cannot share some or most of your content via social media.  The social media is always jam packed with audiences ready to jump on any exciting content or features online. Create an account with most of the major social networking sites, then keep the accounts active to engage even more audiences.

Make Use of Photos

Photos are considered a low-hanging fruit for your blog ” everyone will want to pick them. Thousands of online articles today include images and pictures to help sell the idea, as well as attract audiences. One of the best ways to play around with photos to engage more audiences and build your numbers is by using Pinterest. Pinterest allows you to pin photos you like on your blog seamlessly and effortlessly.

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