How to Improve the IQ of your Baby

Do you know that you can give birth to an intelligent baby? If you know how to control the factors affecting the child’s intelligence then you are there. You can easily help your baby to see the world as an intelligent child.

How to Improve the IQ of your baby

Why intelligence of the child is important?

In case if you think why you have to worry about the intelligence of the child to be born, here are some reasons. A happy, healthy and intelligent child is a precious gift for any parent. You will not have to worry about his or her future. You even will not have to worry about his education as he himself will find the ways to explore the world and ultimately land a new job once grown up. On the other way a healthy and happy child is precious to maintain a happy family. Most parents struggle with their jobs and parenting efforts when the children are not healthy, kind and so many other reasons.

How to give birth to an intelligent baby?

Giving birth to an intelligent child is not very easy if you do not know the right factors for such intelligence. Heritability is one of the important measures that affect the intelligence. If you want to affect child’s IQ then heritability is one of the factors. Environment is another influencing factor for a child’s IQ.

Do you know that there are 3 different types of intelligence? Namely General Intelligence or ‘G’, Emotional Intelligence (EI) and Multiple Intelligences are the 3 different parts.

Child’s growing environment is another factor that affects his IQ. Therefore when you know these factors that you can influence even before the child’s birth you can easily influence his or her IQ. To improve the IQ of your child you should know the things to do!

Recently I came across this book called IQ-Baby. The book includes chapters which clearly explain about the intelligence and the development of the intelligence using pre-natal enrichment. Throughout the book, the author discusses about different topics including child development in the womb, child stimulation during pregnancy and emotional intelligence. There are many other valuable topics which you can gain knowledge on influencing your child’s IQ even before he is born.

By reading this book you can easily find the way on influencing your baby’s IQ while he is in your womb. Doesn’t this sound amazing? Don’t you love to raise a happy and intelligent child with high IQ? Don’t you love to be a parent of an intelligent child?

Fortunately there are chapters which you can read free when you visit the website Then why wait? Start reading about improving IQ of your baby even before he is born!

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