Is Vaginal Steaming Safe?

Have you heard of vaginal steaming before? This is also known as v steaming. In case if you haven’t heard of it then this post is to share about the basics of vaginal steaming which anyone should know. Also it is a common doubt among many women about its safety. Is vaginal steaming safe? Let’s look in to that!

Is Vaginal Steaming Safe

Vaginal steaming -What is it?

In case if you don’t know what is vaginal steaming, here is a short description.

Vaginal steaming or V steaming is an alternative treatment practiced by women from many years ago. During vaginal steaming process a woman has to squat over steaming water. This steaming water consists of herbal and medicines that are used for v steaming. Vaginal steaming is also known as yoni steaming. Herbs such as rosemary, mugwort and basil are most popular v steaming herbs which are used during vaginal steaming process. Wormwood is another v steaming herb which is believed to include more medicinal benefits.

Vaginal Steaming

Benefits of V steaming

While it is an alternative health treatment there are benefits of V steaming. Basically V steaming is used to cure or get rid of menstruation related symptoms. It is believed that V steaming has the ability to alleviate common period symptoms such as bloating, cramps and heavy menstrual flow. Further it is believed that vaginal steaming can alleviate and cure irregular periods. To improve fertility some women use v steaming method together with relevant v steaming herbs.

 Is vaginal steaming safe?

Now it is time to discuss about safety of vaginal steaming. Is vaginal steaming safe? This is a question that many women ask. However there are no medical evidence about v steaming. It is considered as traditional practice.

However if you do not follow the exact safe rules for vaginal steaming it may not be safe as you think.

 As vaginal skin is delicate and sensitive when you use hot steam it may cause damage to the vaginal skin. If you are pregnant it is better to avoid vaginal steaming or consult a doctor for professional advice. Also be sure to have some idea on the v steaming herbs that are used in your vaginal steaming water. Know the benefits of the steaming before you use it.

There are also experts who provide the v steaming services. Consult an expert before you try vaginal steaming by yourself.

In this way you can use this traditional alternative health treatment for your advantage.

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