Ozonated Avocado Oil: You can’t eat it, but your skin will love it

Ozonated Avocado oil, the mystery beauty product that is the talk of the beauty industry recently. Everyone knows about avocados, the superfood that is packed with anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. but, have you ever thought about using this delicious superfood to soothe your skin? If you haven’t, it’s time to learn the benefits of not only avocado oil, but ozonated avocado oil. Before we get into its skin benefits, let’s first talk about what the term “ozonated” means. Ozonated avocado oil is made with high quality, organic, extra-virgin, cold pressed avocado oil that is put through a process of “ozone injection”, which is bubbling ozone into the liquid for an extended period of time. For purity and quality, it is vital that companies you use a cold plasma ozone generator.

Ozonated Avocado Oil

So whats the difference?

The difference between the liquid oil and solid ozonated oil is the amount of saturated oxygen and ozone. Creating the paste/ version the process is much more extensive and the amount of oxygen and ozone saturation level is exponentially greater than any liquid oil product available. The ozonation effect creates an absorbent oil that has anti-aging properties and acts as a natural moisturizer.

What are the skin benefits?

The anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties of the organic ozonated oil can help your skin stay smooth, strong and elastic. A few other benefits include: easing itchy skin, heal chapped skin/lips, replenish dry skin, hydrate as a daily moisturizer, shield skin from UV radiation, reduce effects of skin damage.

Ozonated Avocado Oil

What are researchers saying?

There has been a lot of research recently on natural oils, including avocado oil, about its benefits on your skin. The beta-carotene, protein, fatty acids, lecithin, along with vitamins E, D and A found in avocado oil create a moisturizer that rejuvenates skin while also protecting your skin from UV rays and increasing collagen metabolism.

A 2015 study found that a topical skin cream consisting of avocado, tea tree, emu, and jojoba oils had positive antimicrobial effects found that a topical skin cream consisting of avocado, tea tree, emu, and jojoba oils had positive antimicrobial effects. That same study also found that the linoleic acid and oleic acid found in ozonated avocado oil can speed up the healing process of wounds.

Further evidence suggests that avocado oil can help with the long-term treatment of plaque psoriasis. The researchers theorize that a vitamin B-12 cream containing avocado oil could be used as a long-term topical treatment for psoriasis. While the product is still so new that the FDA has yet to approve the product, it is well known that doctors will often prescribe ozonated oils for a long list of skin irritations.

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