Why Sending a Formal Baptism Invitation is so Important

When a child is born, baptism is usually one of the many special occasions in their lives. It’s an occasion to celebrate with family, close friends and everyone involved in the child’s life. While we all know the significance of such an event, it’s up to the host family to plan the event and send out the baptism invitations.

Sending a Formal Baptism Invitation

It’s no secret that planning a special celebration like this can be a daunting task. That’s why some people may overlook the importance of formal baptism invitations.  It’s always a good gesture to extend formal invitations to your guests and hence we will provide reasons why it’s important. Without further ado, let’s get into the details.

It’s informative

When you plan an event, the guest should be informed about the important details.  There is nothing as embarrassing and cringeworthy as guest arriving at the church confused and unaware of some simple rules. For instance, since this is a baptism, there may be some church customs that some of the guests don’t know about. The invitation will be a good opportunity for you to inform them. Does the occasion have a dress code? And should the guests bring gifts?  All these are things you should include on the invite.

Invitations tend to set a tone for the event

Believe it or not, invitations always work to portray a certain kind of tone for the event. If it’s an extravagant party with some fancy food and good music, then it only makes sense to create an extravagant invite. In this case, a baptism is more of a solemn event. Make use of the invitation to convey this message and tone.  Besides, an invitation allows you the opportunity to get creative in a way your guests will know what to expect.

It creates anticipation

Normally, whenever I receive a formal invitation for an event, I get excited and look forward to the big day. It’s quite different from word of mouth or through a text message. In other words, an invitation makes things official and many of the guests will be eagerly waiting for the big day. Never think that sending a formal invitation is old fashioned because it does more good than harm if you ask me.

Invitations are memorable

The good thing about invitations is that they are tangible. If you send it to your intended guest, he or she will most likely put it somewhere close so that it’s easily seen. This could be a fridge door or memo board but as long as it’s in view, it will serve as a reminder for the forthcoming event. On the other hand, an online invite will probably get mixed up in all the junk and end up completely forgotten.

They are personal

Invitations are typically tailored to the individual and this often makes your guests feel special or valued. You can include all the bells and whistles together with other important details like the name of the guest, the venue, arrival time and so on.

It may seem easier to send a mass text or online invite but a formal baptism invitation has its charm that you may not find with the other options.  So don’t think twice about sending baptism or christening invitations for your baby’s big day.

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