The EcoBabyloo Toilet Chair Makes Toilet Training Effective, Fun & Easy

One of the exciting periods during parenting a newborn is their potty training time or toilet training time. Babies learn how to stay without diaper or nappies. They find it is something interesting and going to the toilet sounds like some exciting big task for them Most of the babies and kids are really happy when they understand the clues and go to the toilet without soiling the diaper. It’s a big achievement for them.

Usually potty training or toilet training starts when the toddler is ready and when they show the signs of toilet training readiness. However, this is usually between the age of 2 and 3.

Although age 2 and 3 are the most common ages to start toilet training, nowadays many parents start toilet training their newborns as early as age of month 2.

The EcoBabyloo Toilet Chair Makes Toilet Training Effective,Fun & Easy!

The Ecobabyloo Toilet Chair makes toilet training effective, fun & easy

With that idea in mind, The Ecobabyloo is designed. The Ecobabyloo is a toilet which is ergonomically designed for babies. This toilet chair is designed in a way that it enables babies to train for their toilet needs. The Ecobabyloo toilet chair is comfortable for babies to stay in sitting position, so that makes them toilet training interesting. Parents can talk with them face to face while teaching toilet training methods and hygiene habits while babies are sitting on the toilet chair.

This toilet chair is made of recycling materials, so it is eco-friendly and safe for infants to use.

With high back chair design with sides, the Ecobabyloo is designed to keep the baby’s head and body in well supported correct position. Therefore parents can use it to train their babies without worries.

For more information of this Ecobabyloo toilet chair, visit

Currently they are having a Kickstarter campaign. You can check more details by checking the Kickstarter campaign page of EcoBabyloo toilet chair.

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