The Oomph for your Cup of Coffee on the Go!

Well, are you a coffee lover? If so, you must be looking for a cup of coffee any time when you feel tired or when you want to refresh yourself. But, with today’s lifestyle, women are busy with their daily life as they play many roles. As a mom, as a professional or even as a wife, every second of her life is busy and engaged with others. Just think of a situation that you are really rushing into the school to drop off your kids and then you need to head on to the office for a client meeting! These are more common incidents for most of the women these days. You really don’t have time to make your freshly brewed cup of coffee while relaxing at home. That’s why you need a portable coffee maker which gives you a fresh cup of coffee anytime anywhere!

The Oomph- Portable Coffee Maker for better coffee on the go

The Oomph- better coffee on the go

With Oomph, now you can enjoy your freshly brewed cup of coffee anywhere you go within few minutes. Even you don’t need a separate mug to enjoy your coffee. With this new portable coffee maker, you can brew coffee in around one minute and enjoy while on the go!

The Oomph is the world’s fastest hand powered coffee maker which is also handy and portable. Oomph is also a travel mug, so you don’t need to have a separate mug to enjoy your coffee. Without much effort and in simple press on the lid you can make a cup of coffee in a beautiful and innovatively designed coffee mug. Cleaning of the coffee maker takes just few seconds making your life so easy.
It is truly a portable coffee maker on the go!

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