The Perfect Wedding Dress on a Budget

It’s so cliché, but so true…when we dream of the perfect wedding day, we first imagine how stunning we’re going to look in the perfect dress. Young girls and grown women alike can see themselves in a fairytale ball gown or a sleek sheath dress. No matter what size or shape we are, it is a firm belief that the right dress will do away with our least favorite body issues.

So there’s that.

Then, assuming you actually find that magical dress (tell us when you do, by the way), how much is it going to cost? With the average cost of a wedding well over $25,000, a designer dress may not be in your budget.

It’s ok! We’ve put together a few alternative wedding dress ideas to cut the cost of weddings just a little bit.

Rent One

You may think you want to own your wedding dress, but seriously…what are you going to do with it? Your daughter won’t like it. You aren’t going to wear it again. You can’t sell it for anything close to what you paid for it. Plus, there’s the added expense of dry cleaning and preservation when you purchase your dress.

The Perfect Wedding Dress on a Budget

Many reputable businesses rent wedding dresses these days. There are also websites from which you can rent big label dresses for a fraction of what their worth. Google it.

Borrow One

Have a friend whose dress you adored? If she’s a close enough friend, ask to borrow it. Most likely, she’d be flattered that you liked it that much. Fifty years from now, no one is going to be comparing those wedding portraits.

Buy a Nice Dress

Just a nice dress in white, off-white, cream…you get the idea. A suit or “church dress” can be just as lovely as a formal gown, especially if the ceremony is less formal. And you might actually get the chance to wear it again! Take a hint from classic movie weddings. Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s dress at the end of Sex and the City?  For a style icon, the vintage suit was a shock to her fans, but she and Big wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The Perfect Wedding Dress on a Budget


Here are a few tips when choosing your gown.

Fit Trumps Price

If it doesn’t flatter you, it isn’t worth the price. Look at Katherine Heigl’s flattering silhouette in 27 Dresses. You’ll feel more stunning in a dress that fits well than one that costs a lot. Promise.

The Perfect Wedding Dress on a Budget

Choose Something You Like (Versus What You Think You’re Supposed to Wear)

At the end of the day, you should still be you on your wedding day. Try to find a dress that reflects your personal style rather than a cookie-cutter replica of a wedding in a magazine.

The Perfect Wedding Dress on a Budget

It’s not about the dress

You’re marrying the love of your life. Once the ceremony, reception, and even the honeymoon are over, that’s when the party really starts. The dress, the cake, the decorations…they’re just things.

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