6 Things You Must Consider To Build A Kid-Friendly Garden

Gardening can be fun for both adults and kids. The activity not just adds to the beauty of any space but also offers beneficial plants (for instance, herbal plants, vegetables, and fruits). And since gardening is usually carried out in groups, most home gardens provide families an opportunity to take time from their busy schedules and bond with each other. That said, gardening is hard work and if kids are going to get their hands dirty too, safety precautions must be in place. A garden that’s safe for kids to step into and play should not be difficult to erect. You would only have to be a bit more cautious with things. For a kids-friendly garden, the following are some things you should look into.

Build A Kid-Friendly Garden

1. The Child’s Age

Children naturally love to assist their parents till they do not get bored or don’t find a more interesting thing to do elsewhere. They usually prefer group activities and like it when they internally realize they’re contributing to a particular task. This means getting kids onboard for gardening should not be much difficult. However, the level and type of assistance kids would be able to offer would vary with their age. For instance, smaller kids could not be as helpful as older kids. In fact, they may mess up things and double up the workload.Check these¬†¬†10 Best Baby Car Seat Covers that is great for young kids.

2. Garden Security

Again, based on your kids’ age (especially if they’re younger), it could be important to enclose or fence the garden. This ensures the garden stays safe or doesn’t get trespassed by kids whenever the elders in the house are not around. Even pet animals such as dogs of small breeds or puppies could cause havoc if the garden is not fenced. There’s another route to ensure a secure garden, which is heightened container garden beds.

3. Kids’ Attention Span

Extremely young kids aren’t the only people having issues focusing on things for an extended time period. Older kids may also grow weary after some time. This means it could be beneficial to demarcate more manageable, smaller portions and maybe intertwine some fun activities such as games into the gardening process. This way kids would not get easily bored from having worked diligently and hard over a time period.

Build A Kid-Friendly Garden

4. Garden Preparation

Before buying plants, make sure the garden or the plants’ base is well-prepared. Preparation entails garden patch digging and turning, and also laying the patch out with rocks, strings, and sticks. Children could assist with all the preparations. Once having prepped up the garden patch, you could then think about the kind of plants that should get birth in your garden. It is recommended kids get a particular set of plants to sow so that they could later have something they would be able to call their own. Kids could also decide the specific plants or garden patch portion they prefer looking after with changes in the season.

5. Kind of Plants to Choose

Once having prepared the soil and garden, the whole family (which includes the kids) could visit the nearby garden center to determine the plants best-suited for their garden. The plant species chosen must be safe. Plants with thorns and poisonous plants must be avoided since they could pose harm to kids. This is because kids are highly unlikely to embrace precautionary measures like adults. An ideal plant choice for kid-friendly gardens would be vegetables and fruit plants. These plants are not just easy and safe but also tend to provide nutritious and healthy food.

6. Last Leg – Planting the Garden

After zeroing in on a particular plant, you may go ahead with the planting process. The planting phase is the most exciting aspect of gardening for both kids and adults. During the preparation stage, you would have marked the areas where plants or specific species should go. These markers would serve as a helpful guideline, especially to kids. After planting the plants, do not forget to throw in some mulch between the plants. Mulch is used to help the soil retain its moisture. Also, the mulch would make sure your boots don’t get too dirty.

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