5 Things To Consider While Shopping For The Right Bra

The biggest mistake that a woman can make is buying the wrong lingerie. Not wearing proper innerwear can mar the elegance of even the best-looking outfit. Therefore, it is critical to opt for the right bra, in terms of size, shape, and fit. Considering the variety out there, this can be a challenge because what looks good may not fit well. Moreover, you may need to wear a different style under different outfits. If you are confused about shopping for the right bra, here are a few things to consider.

Shopping For The Right Bra

Know your size

Size is undoubtedly the primary consideration when you go bra-shopping and you should look for nothing but perfection. One that is too tight will make your skin bulge while an oversized one will ruin your shape. The best bet is to know your size to the last inch and pick a bra accordingly. If you are buying online, be sure to check the return/exchange policy because there are always chances that sizes differ for brands.

Have variety in your collection

Essentially, there is a bra for every occasion because a sports bra will not work under a blouse. The idea is to stock all types in your collection so that you can carry any outfit with aplomb. Have a checklist with styles such as t-shirts, sports, longline, and strapless bras and ensure that you have at least one of each style in your closet.

Prioritize comfort

When you shop for lingerie, nothing matters more than comfort as you need to feel comfortable for looking your best and feel confident as well. The right fabric renders just the right level of comfort and so does the minimal usage of wires, hooks and elastic. You can check out TheFeatherBra.com to see how a perfect bra can make all the difference to the way you look and feel.

Get smart with colors

 Shopping For The Right Bra

You may want to have plenty of color in your wardrobe but keep your love for color confined to the outerwear. You would not want a pop of red peeking out of a white blouse. Stock up basics such as blacks, whites, and nudes and pick only those colors that do not show under your dresses.  Also, be careful while buying ones with embroidery and lace because your bra should be the last thing to appear prominent.

Pay attention to wash and care

Make sure that you know when to let go because there is nothing worse than wearing ill-fitted innerwear. A good wash and care routine can prolong the life of your expensive lingerie. Stick to hand wash and avoid putting them in the dryer or ironing them. Avoid bleaching them as well and wear rotationally so that the elasticity stays on.

Quality bras and good brands are priced on the higher side but this is one place where you should not think about saving money. Always choose lingerie that fits well and looks good because it ultimately plays a key role in your overall appearance and confidence level.

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