Top 5 Struggles For Women With Big Boobs

Yes, everyone is obsessed with having big breasts. However, for the women with them, there are a few struggles. They might look good if they are not on you but there are numerous big breast problems that these women suffer from.  Here are the common big breast problems you should be aware of.

Top 5 Struggles For Women With Big Boobs

  • Finding The Right Bra

If you’re in a clothing store looking for a big bra, you might have a hard time finding the right one if you have big breasts. Yes, your counterparts have an easy time finding the right bras, if they have small breasts and these bras come in different colors. It’s not surprising that your colors are only limited to nude, black and white. Therefore, you might have to shop a little longer before you can find the right bra for you and also in the right color.

  • Finding The Right Outfits

Don’t you hate it when you find the perfect dress or top only to find that the boobs will not fit. Let’s say you’re going out on a date and looking to buy a new dress for the mall. The shoulders fit, the waist, the butt, the waist and everything else fits but your boobs look so squished together that the dress will pop out any time. Well, you might have to rewind an old dress that fits perfectly or simply go to the mall earlier and find the perfect dress for you in time for your date.

  • Wardrobe Malfunctions Are Common

Every woman with big boobs can attest to having wardrobe malfunctions at least once or twice every year. Let’s say you’re at work and your blouse will barely hold your bust together. To make it worse it bursts open when you’re in the middle of a huge presentation. Don’t forget about the time you dress split open near your old grandma. Well, you’re forced to wear bigger clothes that don’t fit properly because the ones that actually fit are too tight around the bust. It’s a hard struggle for every woman with big breasts.

  • The Breasts Are Always A Distraction

Let’s say you have to give a speech or a presentation in front of the whole class. It’s a guarantee that everyone is looking at your breasts rather than listening to what you’re saying. On the other hand, if you’re passing by a drive-through when the attendant hands over your food to you, most likely they will end up dropping it because they are not looking at your face. How many times do you have to say that ‘my eyes are up here’? Quite disappointing, isn’t it?

  • Tough Wearing Necklaces

Imagine if your boyfriend bought the perfect necklace for your anniversary or maybe your grandma handed you her perfect pearls. Well, they will always end up getting swallowed in your cleavage and no one will see the beautiful necklace or pearls. That means you’re restricted to wearing chokers that might feel a bit uncomfortable if you’re not used to them completely.

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