Why Ring Slings Are So Popular?

If you are a mom, you probably already know what a ring sling is or, at least, have a general impression.

A ring sling is a piece of woven wrap which is cut and sewn in a certain shape to carry a baby. Depending on the size, the length is different but all of them are sewn together on the shoulder and have rings that help to create a sling.

Why Ring Slings Are So Popular

The first thing you need to do before you start using it is to thread the ring. Usually, the manufacturers do not do it to keep the style but, in fact, it’s much more convenient after you thread it. The ring holds the wrap allowing you to make a hammock-like place for your baby. It’s much easier to carry a baby this way but you need to make sure you do it right. Otherwise, you might hurt a baby.

This invention is most suitable for the newborns since it’s easier to carry toddlers in a regular way.
The ring sling is only a way to support you and your baby. If a baby is super light, it may be the only carrier you will need. However, the baby is growing and becoming heavier and the soft-structured carriers can become helpful as well.

Speaking about the limits in age or weight, you should know that you can carry even a newborn this way (if there are no medical conditions that prohibit this). However, every ring sling has its own weight limits which are marked on the sling itself or defined on the store website.

Why Ring Slings Are So Popular?

These helpers come in various colors and fabrics. You should take a closer look at 100% cotton or bamboo. Tencel blend is also great.
When choosing a size, the smallest might not be the best in this situation. Define your preferences and take into account that the long tail can become in handy as well.

When using a ring sling, there are three main tips you should consider.

First, you must create a deep seat. It is more comfortable and safer because you prevent the chance of undoing it when the baby is moving.
Second, you need to keep the ring sling tightened. Make it tight in three sections to secure the optimal position. A very loose seat will not be comfortable.

Third, is to avoid twists in the back. Since you put the fabric on your back, the twists can mess up the seat and cause unpleasant feelings.
Be patient when learning which one to buy and how to use. It might seem confusing and annoying even but in the long run, you are sure to benefit from it.

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