3 Essential tips to keep your newborn clean

Becoming a new parent is exciting. But you need to prepare for undergoing a tough period with sleepless nights and tiresome days. It is essential to take actions to take care of your newborn from infections. Cleanliness is important to keep your newborn healthy and free from infections. That is why I thought of sharing these essential tips to keep your newborn clean.

Essential tips to keep your newborn clean

Giving a bath for your newborn

You can bath newborn babies every day, but it is not necessary. Make sure to dry your baby using towels after a bath. Take care for not entering water to mouth, nose or ears when you give a bath. Use warm water and you can also use a mild shampoo to wash his hair.

Caring for the cord

It is essential to keep your babies cord area clean and dry. Usually the cord will dry and fall in first two weeks. You can use alcohol to dry your babies cord area and always keep it dry.

Keep your babies clothes clean

It is necessary to wash baby clothes daily to keep him away from infections. Dry them properly and keep inside a cupboard to avoid dust and other contamination. You need to change your baby’s clothes 3-4 times or as necessary because baby cloths will get dirty easily during feeding and even during diaper changing time.

When you keep your baby clean,that will help your baby to sleep well too.

Other than above, it is essential to keep the mother and baby’s caretaker clean in order to avoid passing infections through them. Wash hands before handling baby is one of the important things you can do and it is essential to prepare with first aid essentials for new moms.

If you practice general cleaning rules for your home such as mopping, that would be helpful to maintain a healthy environment for your newborn.

We hope these essential tips to keep your newborn clean are helpful for you.

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