A Quick Guide for Travelling Through Europe

If you intend to tick Europe off your bucket list this year, now is a good time to start planning your trip. Use this quick and easy guide to get started.

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The best time to visit Europe

Anytime during the year is a good time to visit Europe. Summer, however, tends to be the busiest season with throngs of tourists coming here from all across the world. Go during the summer months of June to August if you don’t mind the crowds and peak prices.

Plan a trip during spring (from March to May) or autumn (September and October)—the weather would still be great but the major destinations would be much less crowded—and cheaper as well.

The winter season lasts from November to February. With all the festivities and celebrations, December is a great time to be in Europe if you’re taking young children.

How to travel within Europe

European countries are well connected by a number of budget airlines. Book early and you can find tickets at throwaway prices, although these airlines charge a fee for every piece of checked-in baggage. If you pack light, you can save a couple of hundred dollars in baggage fees.

In addition, be sure to check the arrival airport—if it’s too far from the city or town you’re visiting, you’ll end up spending heavily on taxis. A cheaper and more convenient alternative is to pre-book an airport transport service such as Genoa airport transfers—by reserving a private car at a flat rate you’ll save yourself the trouble of haggling with taxi drivers when you arrive.

Using an airport-city transport service gives you the flexibility and privacy of a private vehicle, which is even more important if you’re travelling with young children or senior family members. Plus, you won’t need to worry about your flight getting delayed as your driver will be there to pick you up no matter what.

How to save money traveling through Europe

A common perception is that it takes a lot of money to holiday in Europe, but there are plenty of alternatives for budget travelers and backpackers who don’t want to spend a fortune but want to make the most of their time in Europe.

Traveling cheap does require meticulous planning. Here is how you can save money on your European vacation.

  • First of all, steer clear of the peak season to avoid high prices.
  • Stay at budget hostels and homestays.
  • Explore couchsurfing to stay with the locals for free.
  • Avoid eating at restaurants and eat at small local eateries and cafes instead.
  • Carry a sandwich and a piece of fruit in your backpack.
  • Explore the local way of life on foot.
  • Get a train pass if you’re going to stay long—it will save you hundreds of dollars.
  • Go for free walking city tours, available in all major destinations across the continent.
  • Don’t spend absurdly on alcohol. Look for local happy hours or buy your beer at the supermarkets.

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