How to Design a Relaxing Space in your Home

Design a Relaxing Space

Spending eight hours a day for a whole week can be a little jarring for everybody. This is the main reason why we all need to transition to create a calm space for ourselves in our homes. As parents, we all have a difficult time putting ourselves first. But taking a little time to focus on ourselves especially when things are a little lazy can loosen this feeling.

Home is where we spend most of our time relaxing with family and friends. Consequently, we need to create a calm place with minimal clutter using peelable wallpapers. Here are some simple and actionable ways of designing a relaxing space in our homes.

Give your entryway an instant personality with Wallpapers

We all know that the entrance hall is the first spot to detect when you are entering the house. For that reason, you have to set a style and a tone that will match your own personalities. The easiest way to do this is to inject some personality into the space using Wallpapers. Wallpapers create a bold impression for the guests. In this case, I recommend choosing a dramatic print that will appeal to you and your guests. You should stay away from oversized mural prints mainly because the entryway is often broken up with mirrors and pictures.

Design a Relaxing Space

Create a contrast between the Living space and the Hallway

The hallways have a transient nature which makes them a great space to create a bold feel with the wallpapers. Another thing you should note is that any space where you are likely to spend little time, you can never get tired of the pattern decisions and color schemes. If you want to create a dramatic impact on the Hallway, you can choose a large scale. Alternatively, people choose murals because they have a special moment with the walls here.

Turn a room into a character-packed space with Wallpapers

For people that are not sure about this, it’s always important to experiment with the wallpapers in your toilet and the downstairs cloakroom. The powder room is very likely to be used as a guest room and for that reason, you need to make it fun and beautiful using geometric peel and stick wallpapers.

Choose Wallpapers in Solid Hues

I don’t see any essence of wallpapering a room if you are simply going solid. The main reason for this is mainly because the slight variations in color and the texture can add elements of depth and dimension to the space. In this instance, you can take a grey room and use some powerful wallpaper to create a steady and strong reputation. Just note, going solid in many instances means selecting a pattern but a pattern that involves shades of the same hue.

Use Geometric Wallpaper

These wallpapers involve bold and repetitive forms and most people always wonder how these patters can be calming. The magic in geometric wallpapers lies on the color. You should select shades that are known for their tranquil vive. Some great examples are the soft blues and rosy neutrals.

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