How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

If you are reading this, chances are cleaning this part of your house is your least favorite chore, even though the competition is tough. Since it is really important to keep your bathroom neat and clean for a set of more than obvious reasons, this chore is practically unavoidable, unless, of course, you have someone else to do it.

However enticing hiring a maid to clean your bathroom is, if you’re embarking on this endeavor on your own, you will need all the help you can get. I’m guessing you could use some tips and tricks on how to keep it clean for a maximum of time with a minimum of effort. Yes, it is possible, and here are just a few guidelines on where to start, and I’m sure you can figure out the rest and come up with your own shortcuts.You can always seek expert advice from cleaning professionals by checking websites such as for more better cleaning solutions for your bathroom.

How to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Bathtub Squeegee and Company

Instead of breaking your back when rubbing your bathtub once every blue moon, try and wiping away all the moisture after you take a shower. That will prevent the moisture from building up and keep your bathroom cleaner. Open the window immediately after showering, or turning on the ventilation before you get in also helps in keeping the moisture at bay.

If you have a shower curtain, make sure you spread it after the shower so it can dry properly. Also, you can save the effort of laundering it too often by spraying it with a universal cleaner which contains bleach once or twice a week, and just rinsing it off before you get in, something professional cleaners practice. This will prevent the soap scum from building up.

If you aren’t shy of spending a bit of money to save yourself a lot of trouble, you can try some new age wizardry – spray the shower walls and curtain with water repellent. Even though it is not a permanent measure, it will still do much for you, primarily prevent the scale and scum from accumulating on just about everything.

Don’t Let It Sink under Dirt

The sink is probably to easiest and most convenient part of the bathroom to maintain. You can quickly scrub and rinse it almost every day when you’re washing your hands or brushing your teeth. You won’t even feel the effort, but the result will be more than visible, all it takes is a bit of persistence in developing a habit, and then you’ll be free of the chore.

You can keep a sponge at your sink and a scrub cleaner under it, to make it even more convenient, and also have a kind of reminder to do it as often as possible. Besides tooth paste that gets stuck in it, soap bars are the greatest source of a mess at your sink. Of course, you can always just clean the soap holder every day before it accumulates too much water and becomes really gross, but the easiest way is to actually to move to liquid soap and brush off the problem completely. Also, make sure you rinse your toothbrush cup as the water accumulates in it as well, even though you may not always see it.

Sort Things Out

Your tiles, bathtub, sink, and toilet may be sparkling clean, but if your cosmetics and accessories are all over the place, it is still going to look messy. So make sure you put everything you can in your medicine cabinet, but without cluttering it too much. You can get a nice box or basket for the rest of your necessities and put on the washing machine, or any other large surface you have in your bathroom.

You can even make one by using decoupage or something similar if you are feeling creative. That way, the space will look less messy and cluttered. You can also hang plastic shelves on your walls and stash things in them, or in case you don’t have enough wall space, you can hang those fabric “pockets” on your door. You can even make them yourself if you’re creative and like sewing.

These are all tiny steps and efforts which can save you a lot of time and energy if you incorporate them into your daily or weekly routine. Even though you may not feel it while you are doing them, your future self will help you. At the end of the day (or month), these steps won’t completely save you from the big bathroom cleaning, but they can make it less exhausting and time consuming.

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