How to Introduce Solid Foods for your Baby?

It is recommended to give breast milk for kids for at least 6 months. After 6 months, it is time to introduce solid food for kids. However, for new moms this can be something that needs more attention. Most new moms don’t have an idea on how to introduce solids for their infants when it is the right age.

How to Introduce Solid Foods for your Baby?

Remember, there is an age when breast milk will no longer supply all of your baby’s nutrition needs.  Full term babies will need iron from other sources by 6 – 9 months of age.  On the other way, if you don’t introduce solids at the right age, sometimes it is difficult when they grow. Some babies that aren’t started on solid foods by the age of 9 – 12 months may have a great level of difficulty accepting solid foods.  It’s actually a developmental milestone when your child starts solid foods – as he is now growing up.Also,mother will need to go for work after her maternity leaves.Therefore if you are a working mom who likes to breastfeed your baby,you also need to know the importance of introducing the solids at the right age.

How to Introduce Solid Foods for your Baby?

When to start introducing solids to your baby?

The ideal time to begin solid foods is when the baby shows interest in starting.  Some babies will show interest in solid food when it’s on their parents’ plates, as early as 4 months of age.  By 5 – 6 months, most babies will reach out and try to grab the food.  When the baby starts to reach for food, it’s normally the time to go ahead and give him some.

Sometimes, it may be a better idea to start food earlier.  When a baby seems to get hungry or once weight gain isn’t continuing at the desired rate, it may be good to start solid foods as early as 3 months.  However, you can continue breast feeding even after introducing solid foods.

Introducing solid foods

When the baby begins to take solid foods at the age of 5 – 6 months, there is very little difference what he starts will or what order it is introduced. At this age, avoid spicy foods or highly allergenic foods at first. Offer your baby the foods that he seems to be interested in.  Allow your baby to enjoy the food.

Don’t worry too much about how much he takes at first.

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