My Marital Confession

What comes to your mind when you hear “extramarital affair”? This have been running on my mind for some time now. I feel sharing my story on this platform may change the perspective of many who find this a Taboo. Looking back at my past life, I can gladly say I have no regret having to keep my family while I still enjoy what was denied in marriage. one of the most modern affair dating site available. It gave a chance to gain back my lost happiness and now view the world from a different perspective.

My Marital Confession

My name is Vanessa, I am a 39-year-old press officer who has been married to Raymond, 43, a Business Manager, for 16 years. At the start of my marriage, I never imagined us having problems nor extramarital affairs, I was looking at surface likes and dislikes, political party and our shared preference for Mexican food as the basis for our “meant to be together” stuff and future happiness. He was handsome, athletic and had a good job. Unfortunately, that was all that was. This was a marriage without friendship. He didn’t ask about my work or my friends, sometimes didn’t care to say goodbye when he left the house. He didn’t want to go on date nights with me, just the two of us. He didn’t say I looked pretty or any other compliment. I felt ignored.

What I hadn’t realized is that over time I hoped for the end of my marriage while I was still in it. I lay awake in bed at night crying, wondering how it was ever going to get better. He was next to me in bed, never said a word to me, never asked what was wrong.  I wasn’t happy and knew I would never be. Still, I told myself this was the decision I made. I was married with three young children, and I decided I’d make the best of it. I didn’t consider divorce. Our sex life was rote and obligatory and completely unfulfilling.

My Marital Confession

I sometimes talked to him, asked him why, and told him what I needed. I tried speaking in some different ways, quietly, lovingly, matter-of-fact and angrily. I asked about couple’s therapy, but he refused. Sometimes he would make an effort, and that helped restore my hope that we would be okay. But more often he was defensive and said I imagined all this, said I was overreacting.

On this particular day, while working on the internet, I came across which as of then knew nothing about. Giving a second thought looking at the way my life has been full of grieve, I decided to join as a member and see how it goes. Mind you; I had previously attempted joining other affair sites in search of marital fulfilment but with no positive outcome. From my experience so far, I can boldly recommend this to any who is searching for extramarital fulfilment through an extramarital affair. Here you will find caring, loving, and perfect partners for you, who wouldn’t take it too far, enough to not get caught and yet be happy.

My Marital Confession

I have been on this platform for a while now; I am having an affair with Mike, whom I met here for the past 16 months. Mike is also married, although he and his wife don’t yet have children. Ever since Mike and I began this extramarital affair, we have always loved one another and till date still, do.

For those who will judge me, I understand, and that’s your right. Again, I have never imagined having an extramarital affair, but with what I faced in my marriage, I still think I am happy to have had a way of maintaining my marriage while still having to satisfy my desires in a more normal way. When I say more usual, I mean with others who also face similar problems in their marriages. If I had known what would happen and were aware of myself enough to understand what it all meant, I would go back and end my marriage before any extramarital affair took place.


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