No More Dangling Feet with this Kids Foot Stool

Potty training and toilet training are some of the milestones of parenting journey. Every mom and dad spends most of their time to teach the basic life skills for their kids while they raise healthy kids. However, when you train your kids, it is essential to know the healthy and correct way to teach such life skills. Toilet training is such a milestone which parents need to pay more attention.

Whether you have trained your young kids for toilet or if you are still in the mid of potty training process, I want to introduce a really helpful product for you. It is Duneze!

Kids Foot Stool

What is Duneze?

Duneze is a foot stool. It is not just a standard foot stool. Duneze is adjustable. You can easily adjust the height which helps all in the family to squat easily. Then don’t forget the kids. With this kids foot stool, they don’t have to dangle their feet anymore!

Why your kids want a kids foot stool?

Well, this can be your question now. If you think why your kids need to use a foot stool for the toilet when they are already toilet trained, here are some reasons!

If there is no kids foot stool, it is sure that your kids use the toilet with dangling feet. But do you know that dangling feet can cause incomplete bowel and bladder clearing? As a result, your kids can get constipation too. That’s where you need to consider helping them to squat properly without dangling feet!

To learn more about Duneze and its help to comfortable toilet time, watch this video.

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