Tika Tries Botanical Gardens: A new Children’s eBook by Tammy Guffey

Tika Tries Botanical Gardens

Reading is essential for kids from their young age. Reading makes them creative and even peaceful while improving their literacy. This is where I always like to introduce new children’s books to help other parents to find what suits their children. Tika Tries Botanical Gardens is a children’s book written by Tammy Guffey which is part of the Tika Tries series. It comes as an ebook publication.

Tika Tries Botanical Gardens

In this book series, Tika is the main character who likes to try new things. Do you know who is Tika? Tika is a cute little puppy and her friends join with her adventures too.

Tika Tries Botanical Gardens

This book, Tika Tries Botanical Gardens, is another adventure of Tika and her friends. They visit the botanical gardens and experience various activities. These are the activities which any child loves to do at the botanical gardens. Therefore, when reading the book, the adventures of Tika at the Botanical garden creates the idea of involving in such activities in little ones’ mind. Children will find this book interesting to read while cultivating their good habits such as feeding animals and loving the environment.

Tammy Guffey – The Authour

This book is written by Tammy Guffey who is a published author living in the southern United States. She writes her life adventures as children’s books to inspire other young children. Therefore, the books written by her features her childhood adventures.

In this book, Tika Tries Botanical Gardens, you will find lots of colourful and cute illustrations that make children attract to the book. I found it a good book to increase the love for books from a young age. Other than the beautiful and colourful illustrations, the story is written in easy to read and interacting language where young learners will find it easy to read. For toddlers who like reading with their parents, this book is ideal because each page creates curiosity as well.
To read more about Tika Tries Botanical Gardens including a preview, please visit here.

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