Ways to Pinpoint Ovulation

For women who are trying to conceive, being able to pinpoint ovulation is one of the key factors in boosting her chances of getting pregnant. Here are a few methods a woman can use to pinpoint her ovulation:

Best Tips for Women who Try to Conceive

1. Fertility tracker

With things becoming more and more digital nowadays, an online fertility tracker can be a handy tool a woman can use to track her ovulation. What’s even better is that most of these trackers are downloadable for free! Whether you’re an iOS, android or a Windows phone user, there are free downloadable fertility apps available for you!

2. Ovulation predictor kit (OPK)

The downside with a fertility tracker is it’s more helpful for those who have a regular period. Women with a bit of a messed up cycle may have issues using it. An ovulation predictor kit is just like a pregnancy test, except that it detects ovulation, instead of pregnancy. Also, unlike the pregnancy test, 2 lines may not always mean positive for OPKs. A positive result for an ovulation predictor kit means 2 very dark lines. If you see a positive OPK result, with 2 very dark lines, it means you’re going to ovulate within 24-48 hrs.

3. Basal Body Thermometer (BBT)

A basal body thermometer is like a regular thermometer, except that it’s more sensitive to your body heat. It can be challenging to use it at first but you’d be fine as you go along since you’ll start learning about your body temp and knowing that just at ovulation, your temperature will soar and then plateau out. A handy thing to know, learning your body’s rhythms like that.

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