Ways to Pinpoint Ovulation

For women who are trying to conceive, being able to pinpoint ovulation is one of the key factors in boosting her chances of getting pregnant. Here are a few methods a woman can use to pinpoint her ovulation:

Best Tips for Women who Try to Conceive

1. Fertility tracker

With things becoming more and more digital nowadays, an online fertility tracker can be a handy tool a woman can use to track her ovulation. What’s even better is that most of these trackers are downloadable for free! Whether you’re an iOS, android or a Windows phone user, there are free downloadable fertility apps available for you!

2. Ovulation predictor kit (OPK)

The downside with a fertility tracker is it’s more helpful for those who have a regular period. Women with a bit of a messed up cycle may have issues using it. An ovulation predictor kit is just like a pregnancy test, except that it detects ovulation, instead of pregnancy. Also, unlike the pregnancy test, 2 lines may not always mean positive for OPKs. A positive result for an ovulation predictor kit means 2 very dark lines. If you see a positive OPK result, with 2 very dark lines, it means you’re going to ovulate within 24-48 hrs.

3. Basal Body Thermometer (BBT)

A basal body thermometer is like a regular thermometer, except that it’s more sensitive to your body heat. It can be challenging to use it at first but you’d be fine as you go along since you’ll start learning about your body temp and knowing that just at ovulation, your temperature will soar and then plateau out. A handy thing to know, learning your body’s rhythms like that.

Add Some Sparkly Fun for your Party with Lustria Jewelry Tattoos

Are you planning a party and looking for new and unique ideas to make it a special moment? It can be a birthday party, girl’s night, wedding or baby shower party! Whatever happy event it is, it is always good to plan your party with unique entertaining activities. May be,  activities such as party games are same from one party to another party. These games are no more special or unique unless you plan it with really interesting games. So, don’t worry! Here is a unique idea for you from Lustria!

What is Lustria?

Lustria is a global brand from Seoul, Korea and New York City who sells Jewelry Tattoo Party Kits which are unique for your party!You can easily find flash tattoo, jewelry tattoo and metallic tattoo from Lustria which makes your party sparkling!

Lustria Party & Event Tattoo kit includes jewelry tattoos which your guests can apply on their own or with the friends. The kit comes with instructions on how to use including DVD and tons of tats for all the guests to use at the party! Just imagine the endless fun of having jewelry tattoos on your party which makes your guests happy!

Features of Lustria Party & Event Tattoo set

Lustria party kit is all about jewelry tattoos. It will sure add sparkly moments for your next party. Other than the endless fun, here are some features of these jewelry tattoos which you may be interested on.

  • It is perfect as party favours too
  • Easy to apply by just adding some water.
  • Jewelry tattoos will last for 2-7 days making your party moments more memorable.
  • Materials used in these jewelry tattoos are non-toxic and FDA approved!

So, head on to www.lustria.com and see what the best jewelry tattoos are for your next party!


How To Grow Your Blog Quickly

The main idea behind building a website or starting a blog is to get visibility and eventually loyal following online.  If correctly done, your blog can attract not only loyal visitors and customers but also brand advocates as well. Getting more and more people to come to your blog every day is one of the challenges many people try hard to succeed. Outlined below are a few tips on how you can grow an online community by just publishing content on your blog.

How To Grow Your Blog Quickly

  1. Publish Content, Lots of it

Bloggers need to be savvy to get accurate and engaging content for their audience. How you craft your content, and its ‘richness’ is what will make or break your blog. When you publish lots of great content on the blog, more people will want to read and even share it with their peers. Great and informative content keeps audiences engaged, which plays a huge role in the blog’s popularity as well.


  1. Use External Content Promotion Tools

Although publishing great content may be paramount, it is your responsibility to ensure the content serves its purpose. This can only be achieved by promoting your content externally using tools and widgets available online. With plenty of content promotion tools online, you should be able to get this going in no time. Tools such as the social media come in handy particularly in content promotion; be sure to use them.


  1. Allow Visitors to Share Your Content

It would be wise to include user engagement buttons such as tweet, like, or even share content in your blog posts.  These make it a lot easier for users to share content they find useful to their social networking profiles and platforms. Many bloggers and content marketers out there use this feature to help improve visibility and grow their brands online; you too should consider using them.


  1. Include Call to Action

Although some visitors will share the content instinctively, there are those that need to be reminded to do so. This is the reason you should consider adding a call to action feature to your blog to help them remember just that. Features such as customized greetings, or prompts in between content can contribute to increasing online exposure. You could ask your audience to share the piece they read to their friends via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or even Instagram.


  1. Offer Giveaways

In addition to calls to action and content sharing, you can include contests and running raffles to your blog to make it more exciting. Raffles and contests are often viewed as a way to give back to the community, which many people will be more than willing to participate. You however should use an easy barrier entry, such as ask the audience to tweet or share content from your site to participate.


  1. Share Content on Social Networks

The social community could be your breakthrough to more audiences now and in the future. Just because you are a blogger doesn’t mean you cannot share some or most of your content via social media.  The social media is always jam packed with audiences ready to jump on any exciting content or features online. Create an account with most of the major social networking sites, then keep the accounts active to engage even more audiences.


  1. Make Use of Photos

Photos are considered a low-hanging fruit for your blog ” everyone will want to pick them. Thousands of online articles today include images and pictures to help sell the idea, as well as attract audiences. One of the best ways to play around with photos to engage more audiences and build your numbers is by using Pinterest. Pinterest allows you to pin photos you like on your blog seamlessly and effortlessly.

Tips on Holding a Paint and Sip Party

Holding a paint and sip party can be a lot of fun! Seriously, it is a great fun for all those who participate. With a collection of paints and brushes you can make your day great and fabulous. However, if you don’t plan properly ahead, this will end up as just another boring event. If so, prepare for your paint party and get ready to spend a fabulous paint night with your friends!

Here are the tips on holding a paint and sip party.

If you want to do everything DIY and plan the party by yourself, then you need to buy lot of acrylic paint, brushes and canvases. If you hold this party for kids, then always consider buying paint which are suitable and safe for kids. Always select a theme or painting idea which you can complete during the few hours while having chat and fun. Remember you hold this paint and sip party for fun or for a celebration. So, it must include some relaxing environment. Think of some music and decorations too.

Tips on holding a paint and sip party

Image credits: www.grapecanvasparties.com

Hiring a professional or expert who can hold your paint and sip party is one of the best things you can do. There are companies which provide the service of planning your   paint and sip party. They will provide everything which are needed for the paint party including paint, brushes and even the aprons. So, you don’t have to worry about planning the paint and sip party. All you need to do is to arrange the food for the guests. In this way, you can actually involve in the paint night actively and have lot of fun!


Old School Children’s Party Games that Kids Still Love

It is essential to think of the activities to entertain kids when you plan any party that kids are attending .It can be a birthday party of a toddler or even a grown up kids, having party games will make the birthday party a memorable and entertaining one for the kids. I found below infographic shared by Bounce house Business which is really helpful for parents who are planning a kids party.

The infographic not only shares the old school children’s party games. It also comes with information about benefits of party games and tips for organizing party games.  This information will be helpful for you to plan your next kids party! Have a look and let me know if you have any other ideas and recommendations on old school Children’s Party Games that kids still love!


Old School Children's Party Games that Kids Still Love

This infographicis is by www.funworldbouncers.com.Have a look there to find more helpful information.Do you admire these old school party games?

Best Places to Hang Mini Chandeliers

Ever wondered how to decorate your home with mini chandeliers? A shining mini chandelier can brighten up your home not only with the light effects, but also with beautiful designs. A Mini Chandelier can sure add value for your home décor making your time and money spend more valuable! Anyway, if you wish to decorate your home with   Mini Chandeliers, it is always good to know the best places to use those which can create the space beautiful. In this post we want to share some of the places which you can use Mini Chandeliers to create the beautiful space.

Best Places to Hang Mini Chandeliers

Where to hang Mini Chandeliers?

Your Kitchen Island is the best place to hang a mini chandelier. This will add value to the kitchen view by correcting any mismatching kitchen tables or cupboards in the kitchen. Other than the kitchen, you can also add mini chandeliers in rooms. Shared rooms are the best places to hang a mini chandelier and it is also good over a double bed. Some of Mini Chandelier designs shared at https://www.lightingmiami.com is suitable for any place of your home and it is easier to find a design for bed rooms too.

Can you forget your patio when it comes to hang a mini chandelier? However, be sure to select a design which is suitable for outdoor hanging.

There are many other places from a reading room, bathroom vanity and a centerpiece which you can hang a mini chandelier to create beautiful space. Do you have any more ideas?

The Nail Snail – Safe Nail Trimmer for Babies and Kids

Do you imagine of fast, safe and easy nail cutting of your baby’s nails? But, usually clipping nails of a baby is not really easy as their nails are so delicate. You need to pay more attention and care when you cut their nails with traditional nail clippers or scissors. Most parents agree with this.

Anyway, now there is a new and innovative product which will be launched through a kickstarter campaign in next month. It is The Nail Snail! This 3-in-1 baby nail trimmer is good for babies, toddlers and kids if you consider safety of their finger nails.

The Nail Snail - Safe Nail Trimmer for Babies and Kids

Features of The Nail Snail 3-in-1 Nail trimmer

The Nail Snail comes with below features.

  • It is with safety guards to prevent damages for the surrounding fingers and toes.
  • Product is made of stainless steel precision blade. This will provide smooth trimming which is suitable for delicate nails.
  • With V shapes blade, it is easy to see when you are cutting
  • Cute shape and dishwasher safe making it easy to clean
  • And many more..

The Nail Snail - Safe Nail Trimmer for Babies and Kids

To read more about this Nail trimmer, stay in touch with them on social media and their website www.nail-snail.com which will be launching in next month.

Face Book : @nailsnailbaby

Instagram : @nail_snail_baby

When the kickstarter campaign starts, be sure to pre order your Nail Snail! It will be a good addition for your baby’s health care kit!

How to File for Paid Maternity Leave in California

Well, congratulations! You are pregnant with your baby. It is time which is full of excitement and enjoyment. However, you need to prepare for take caring of your new arrival otherwise it will be really tough period for both parents and for the newborn. If you are a working mom, then you also need to plan your leave accordingly. If you are a mom in California, then you should have an idea on maternity leave in California before you apply for it.When you know about paid family leave in California,that’s really easy and less stressful! In order to ease your task, in this post I just want to share some steps which you need to follow before you apply for paid maternity leave in California. Anyway, these are some guidelines only which do not constitute any legal advice.

How to File for Paid Maternity Leave in California

How to file for paid maternity leave in California?

Know your company’s leave policy

Before everything, it is good to check the maternity leave policy of your company. When you have an idea about your company’s policy, then it is time to inform your employer about your maternity leave. Although you are eligible for paid leave, you also cannot expect more than 100% of your monthly salary. This guide for California Maternity Leave 2017 explains all these details clearly with necessary tips.

Know the benefits while you are on leave

You also need to know the Benefits you can enjoy while you are on leave. In general you are eligible for all benefits such as insurance, retirement plans; other annual leaves even though you are on paid maternity leave. However, it is always better to refresh with your knowledge with current benefits and your eligibility before you go on maternity leave.

How to File for Paid Maternity Leave in California

File your Maternity Leave

Once you are aware of these basic details, it is time for applying leave. When you apply leave giving few months for your employer to make arrangements for your duties, it will be helpful for them too.